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Industry Applications | Automotive Components Thermoset Forming Systems (QSSR)

            With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the requirements for lightweight vehicles are becoming higher and higher. In addition to thermoplastic materials, thermosetting resins are increasingly being applied to the production of automotive parts. The thermosetting resin has the characteristics of high rigidity, high hardness, high temperature resistance, non-flammability, and good dimensional stability of the product. The process of thermosetting materials used in the initial processing and molding process is also very different from the principle of thermoplastic materials. Most of the methods for processing thermosetting materials in the industry are reaction injection molding (RIM). Reaction injection molding (RIM) can be further divided into cold curing foam molding and RIM overmolding.

          As shown in Figure 1, the system is used to realize thermosetting molding, automatic deburring and pick-up of automotive cooling water pumps, including: FANUC injection molding machine ROBOSHOT α-S50iA, movable table, robot LR Mate 200iD, deburring system , static elimination system, vacuum system and blanking system, etc., show the thermosetting molding and automation of automotive cooling water pump (Figure 2).

Figure 1 system layout

Figure 2 cooling water pump impeller

            Among them, ROBOSHOT α-S50iA injection molding machine is a 50-ton all-electric injection molding machine developed by FANUC. It has the characteristics of high formability, high operation rate and high availability. It only needs to replace the special screw barrel on the basis of standard machine. A thermosetting molding of a phenolic resin (bakelite) is achieved. The high-stability control, pre-shot control, high-speed low-voltage control and other advantages of FANUC injection molding machines can improve product quality.

          LR Mate 200iD robot is suitable for a wide range of applications from small space to wide space. It is widely used for handling, assembly, grinding and picking. It is used here to realize the insert of copper sleeve, the insert of automobile cooling water pump impeller, Deburr and the next piece. In addition, deburring systems, static elimination systems, and vacuum systems have been added to coordinate the deburring process with the robot. The deburring operation of the car cooling water pump impeller is performed by the robot holding the workpiece close to the deburring system; the static elimination system is used to eliminate the static electricity generated during the deburring process; the deburring system is entirely closed with transparent plexiglass, and the deburring tool is left with vacuuming The mouth is connected to the vacuum cleaner tube to ensure that the burr does not fly to other parts of the workbench, and the workpiece after the blanking does not stick to the burr. In addition, the FANUC iRVision 2D camera has been added to enable the detection and type identification of copper sleeves to increase flexibility and reduce hardware costs.

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the robot automation part

         The entire robotic automation is placed on a movable workbench, enabling rapid system construction with the injection molding machine for flexible production needs. Quick and easy start-up automation (QSSR) is used to quickly connect and set robots and injection molding machines, reducing connection and commissioning time during system integration.

        In summary, the system has the following features:

       1. ROBOSHOT α-S50iA is responsible for the precision injection molding of thermosetting materials, and the thermosetting molding can be realized by replacing the special                screw barrel on the basis of the standard machine;
      2. Using FANUC robots for the insertion of metal parts and deburring of molded articles;
      3. Quick and easy start automation (QSSR) function to realize quick connection and setting between robot and injection molding machine, reducing connection and debugging              time during system integration;
      4. The robot automation part adopts a movable worktable, and realizes rapid system construction with the injection molding machine, which is suitable for flexible production.

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